pk10杞欢:反應燒結碳化硅節能框架 Reaction bonded silicon carbide frame beam

pk10赛车一天多 反應燒結碳化硅節能框架適用于隧道窯、梭式窯以及其他窯爐中的承重結構架,該產品高溫承載力大,長期使用不彎曲變形,使用壽命長,具有良好的導熱性能,能明顯節約能源消耗而不增加窯車重量,完全代替了普通碳化硅棚板和莫來石立柱,加大了產品的裝載容量,大大降低了燃氣、電等消耗,縮短了燒成時間,是目前最節能降耗的理想窯具。是日用瓷、衛生瓷和電瓷等行業的理想窯具。節能框架的優點:(1)重量是傳統SIC窯具的30%;







RBSiC frame beam used in tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, and other kind of kilns as loading structure. It has high bearing strength during high temperature, no bending or deformation in long-term application, long lifetime, good thermal conductivity, especially reduced energy consumption without increasing weight of kiln car,can replace traditional kiln car structure made by normal SiC batts and mullite posts. This beam frame increased the products loading capacity, reduced the gas and electricity consuming, shorten the time of firing, it’s the most energy-efficient kiln furniture products at present, an idea choice for tableware, sanitary ware and electrical ceramics industry.

Outstanding features:

◆ Light weight, only 30% of traditional SiC.

◆ Large loading capacity, 1.4 times than traditional SiC.

◆ 30% Energy saving than traditional SiC.

◆ Pushing speed of kiln car increased 40% compared to traditional SiC.


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